Justin Houston named SEC defensive player of the week.

With five sacks, two sacks, and three tackles for loss. The 6'3 junior was named the SEC defensive player of the week. Justin Houston leads the SEC in sacks and is second for overall tackles.

Article 10/25/10

Caleb King Suspended.


         Earlier this month, in Walton County, GA, tailback Caleb King was pulled over for speeding. On monday morning, Caleb King was arrested for not showing up at court. As announced on tuesday by head coach Mark Richt, Caleb King will serve a two game suspension. One of these two games has been served on saturday versus the Vanderbilt Commodores. With Caleb out of the way, Washaun Ealey the sophomore tailback who shares carries with Caleb, was able to shine for the first time this season with over 130 yards and a touchdown. Now Caleb's injury might have come at the right time where his two suspended games are versus Vandy, and Kentucky, which are not the highest class of SEC teams. Kentucky might actually be something to worry about since they stopped powerful South Carolina and their powerful running back, Marcus Lattimore. Although Caleb's suspension will be a set-back, quarterback Aaron Murray has given performances so good that the Dawgs are favored to win this game.

Article: 10/17/10

Aaron Murray named SEC freshman of the week.


         Redshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray was named SEC freshman of the week for his outstanding performance on saturday versus the Tennessee volunteers. In the first quarter, Murray rushed 35 yards for a touchdown to put the Dawgs on the scoreboard, also in the first, Murray threw a nine yard touchdown pass to Rontavious Wooten to give the Dawgs a comfortable 17 point lead. In the second quarter, Murray hooked up with A.J Green for a 22 yard touchdown pass to make the game 24-7. The third quarter opened up with a drive from the bulldogs which led to a incredible five yard run by Murray who barley touched the pylon with the ball, and avoided 5 Tennessee defensive men. Although Aaron is a redshirt freshman, he looked like a fifth year senior on the field, he threw no interceptions, made smart decisions, threw to the right receivers at the right times, and knew when to throw the ball out or scramble. Aaron only received one sack from a very good defensive line. Looking back to the Matthew Stafford days, Matt did not come close to the numbers Aaron is putting up as a freshman, Aaron already has 3 more touchdown passes, and 10 less interceptions! Aaron Murray will without a doubt be a key player for the bulldog offense for the years to come.

Article: 10/11/10

Rough in Rocky-top. Looking ahead at Tennessee.

Although the Vols have a bad record, they are still a very good football team. In their opening game, the Vols defense shut out Tennessee-martin in a 50-0 win. In week two, the Vols got some of that quack attack as the Oregon ducks won 48-13. In week three, the Vols lost to Florida 31-17. In week four, the Vols beat UAB in overtime to clinch their second win. This past saturday, the Vols faced the LSU Tigers in one of the best finishers to a game of all time where Tennessee thought they had the win. Tennessee is not a bad football team but they have one of the hardest schedules in the nation. In the past, Tennessee has proved a very difficult team to beat. In 2009, the Dawgs suffered a 45-19 loss, for the past 10 years, the Dawgs record vs the Vols is 6-4. The game this upcoming saturday will simply come down to who want it more. It will come down to tries the hardest every play no matter what. It will also come down to errors, which ever team makes all their field goals, makes less missed tackles and blown coverages, and who has less turnovers. Georgia has lost 7 out of their last 9 SEC games, the odds are not for Georgia to win this one, but lets hope Mark Richt will light a fire under the dawns and lead us to victory on saturday in rocky-top.


A.J Green the i in Georgia?

Saturday night, second team all american wideout A.J Green made his return after his four game suspension for selling his jersey. For a good half of the first quarter A.J did not get any action. Late in the first quarter, a end-around sweep led A.J to a 40 yard rush and his first touch of the football for the 2010 season. After this touch, his next two touches were touchdown passes. After these 3 touches, the momentum had changed so much that Colorado did not get a first down until the interception threw by Aaron Murray in the second quarter. The old saying "there is no i in team" has always proved to be true until this game. A.J's performance lit a fire under the team, the defense started making sacks, the running backs started making big plays, Aaron Murray started to look like a NFL quarterback. Every time A.J got his hands on the ball, a chain reaction would go through the team motivating them to play better. When A.J got injured, Colorado took the rare opportunity and scored 15 consecutive un-answered points to take the lead. I am not saying that A.J green is the whole team, yet that he is the heart of the team, if he is working, everything else will work. There may not be any i in team, but there is a I in Georgia, and A.J Green is that I.

Article: 10/3/10

Deciding Gameday!?

After a very rough 1-3 start for the bulldogs, every game counts. Some may count more than others, if the Dawgs want to get to a bowl game this year, the easy games are the games that actually count most. As we know, a team's record must be 6-6 or higher to become bowl elgible. Looking down the schedule it looks as if we are just now entering the very difficult part. Games against Colorado. and Idaho State are going to be critical in the Dawgs success. If they gain a win over both teams, we will be looking at Kentucky and Vanderbilt. These teams are not teams to overlook, last year we overlooked Kentucky and lost a devastating 34-27 in Sanford! If we win all four of those games, we are one game shy of a bowl game. This means the Dawgs have to come through and beat either Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, or Georgia Tech who have all proved to be difficult games in the past. So the chances of the Dawgs making a bowl game? Right now it looks as if it could go either way, lets hope this losing streak takes a turn for the better and we can make it to our 14th consecutive bowl game.

A.J Green

Second team All-American wide-reciever A.J. Green has been suspended for four games due to selling his jersey for 1000$ after the Independence Bowl last year. A.J has paid his dues and his suspension has been lifted, and the Bulldogs record without our star player is a horrible 1-3. This brings up the question, is the quarterback really the heart and soul of a football team? These stats beg to differ. 109 receptions for 1,771 yards and 14 touchdowns. As we see, our quarterback depends on A.J, which means our record depends on A.J. With A.J. most likely enrolling into the NFL draft, this brings up the question of who will fill A.J.'s shoes? Pre-season I thought that Tavarres King would to a good job to fill the shoes, but after three games, WR Kris Durham #16 looks to be the best candidate. Although A.J. is coming back to the roster next weeks game at Colorado, hopes for having an excellent season have been washed away, in only 4 games

Mark Richt, coach much longer?

Just shy of a decade coach Mark Richt started the season with high hopes. A new staff on his side would slingshot Georgia into being a national contender once more. After our 55-12 win against the Rajun' Cajun's, it looked like his optmistic view was more of a realistic view. Going into game #2 against SEC East competitors, the Gamecocks, Coach Richt most likely had his hopes high. After one half of football he saw what his football team would shape out to be. Three consecutive losses and Mark Richt is getting in his final good-bye's. With losses in 7 out of our last 9 SEC games, the Dawgs have transformed from a dominating SEC power, to a mediocre team whose only wins have come against Vanderbilt, and non-confrence games. Personally, I think coach Richt is one in a million, but when he is faced with the athletic director, and the board of directors, I doubt they will agree with me.